What Every Personal Trainer Should Have In Their Bag

What Every Personal Trainer Should Have In Their Bag

You've just been hired as a personal trainer. It's time to get your new bag ready for the job!

The personal trainer's bag is a toolbox of the best stuff on earth. It's got everything you need to get your clients feeling their best, and it can be the difference between a good session and an amazing one.

If you're going to be lifting equipment, moving across town with clients, and moving equipment around in clients' homes. You need a sturdy bag that will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

And don't forget that you'll be carrying all sorts of things in this bag: your phone, keys, water bottle, treats for yourself (you deserve it!), and more. So make sure you get one that's well-organized and has plenty of space for everything. Here are some ideas:

  • A good laptop case—it might seem obvious, but if your laptop breaks, then you won't have any work to do or any way to access client files or apps. A good laptop case will protect it from spills and drops while also fitting snugly into the main compartment of your bag so you don't have to worry about it getting lost or damaged when you throw things in there. Make sure it's also lightweight enough that it won't add too much weight on top of everything else!
  • A towel. This is for wiping sweat off your face or hands if you need to dry them off during training. It also helps with body temperature regulation—if you have hot spots under your arms or other places where the blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin, using a towel can help cool down those areas by evaporating sweat from those areas more quickly than if left alone without assistance from outside forces (like a towel).
  • A box of tissues—or better yet, hand sanitizer! You never know when someone will sneeze right in front of you and give you their germs until it happens…and then what do YOU do? That's right: use hand sanitizer!
  • A notebook and pen (or pencil). There will inevitably be times when you need to take notes or write down instructions for yourself or for your client. Having these items readily available will save you time and energy by allowing you to write down important information quickly instead of trying to remember everything later on when it might not matter anymore!
  • Protein bars, nuts, and other snacks that will keep them going during long sessions
  • Extra gym shoes (bad weather can ruin a pair of shoes quickly)
  • Tape measure, tape measurer, and/or a body fat caliper (to make sure your clients are making progress)

Most of these items come equipped in the Sqwod Pod so you don't have to worry about anything before your session. So book a pod today for worry free training.

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